Spirit of Brian's Campaign

Brian Fultz And Wife In Sedona ArizonaEvery day I'm reminded of the privilege and responsibility it is to live in Sedona when I look out at our beautiful red rocks and the amazing, fragile environment we call home. I have to believe every resident feels similarly, and it's from this point of unity that I'm focusing my campaign for Sedona City Council in 2022. As I have been listening to and reading the comments that Sedona citizens make about the issues that concern them, such as Short Term Rentals, Traffic, Affordable Housing, and Sustainability, I find that we share tremendous unity. As a part of the Sedona city government, I want to channel our residents' passion for these issues into actionable steps we can take that will change our community for the better.

As a member of the Sedona City Council, there are three goals I intend to pursue: Strong Community, Resident Focus, and Local Control.

Strong Community

For me, Strong Community starts with recognizing both points of strength and weakness and celebrating the former while working to address the latter. The unity we have over the key issues that concern us is a strength that can be marshaled into practical actions to create positive change. On the other hand, loss of community when homes turn into short-term rentals leading to long-time residents being forced to leave Sedona and the loss of families with children to fill our schools is a weakness that cannot be ignored. I have real ideas to address these issues and welcome dialogue with fellow residents to generate more and hopefully better ideas!

Resident Focus

Resident Focus requires that every decision I make on the Sedona City Council has been looked at from the lens of what the impact has on residents. The role of Councilor is not always an easy one nor are decisions black and white when they may impact some residents positively and others negatively. My pledge is to examine issues from all sides and then make a decision that I think is in the best, long-term interest of the community as a whole. Residents also make up a large portion of the business community in Sedona, so I believe that Resident Focus ensures that the business community is also considered in important policy decisions. Last, I believe that the City Council should provide transparent communication to residents concerning voting decisions in all instances.

Local Control

Local Control is one of the greatest challenges our community currently faces. SB1350 was inherently flawed legislation taking control from local governments to regulate short-term rentals. I believe the City Council should take all available steps to overturn or fix SB1350. 2022 is also a Home Rule election year. For those not familiar, Home Rule allows local elected government to approve city budgets. Without Home Rule, city budgets are determined by state formula and would result in a dramatically lower budget and reduction in services to our city. I believe that Sedona residents will be served best by the continuation of Home Rule to allow city staff to continue their important work to protect, to serve, and to make our future brighter.

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